Creepy Clown CarnEVIL


Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step right up to the best CarnEVIL you’ve ever seen!

Are you brave enough to face your fears for a prize? Games are 1, 2, or 3 tickets each.

Like Lebron but with severed heads! See how many baskets you can get in under 30 seconds!
See how good your accuracy is and toss rings onto dismembered arms and legs!
Can you get the ring around the bottle? Don't think for one second your safe from the zombies and clowns here. They just might pop up!
Around and around she goes! Spin for prizes such as food, drinks, and attractions!
How many organs can you leap into the end zone?
Can you hook the skulls? It's all in the wrist! Get the ring around the skull, get a prize.
Test your arm strength to make heads roll OFF!
How many eyeballs can you make into the buckets? You'll just have to wait and SEE.
If you're fishing for some creepy-crawly prizes, this will be the stop for you!
Hook the hula hoops around the bodies of past carnEVIL participants!!!!