HOPocalypse Live Action Zombie Hunt (18+)

The zombies have taken over the brewery! Get your squadron together to clear the infestation! Up to 10 people in a group will be sent through the brewery every three minutes with 4 different zones and multiple zombie attacks!

Each squadron (18+) ¬†will be guided by a commander that will lead the volunteer mercenaries into an brewery’s infected zone swarming with up to 60 zombies per night. The mission: save the brewery by eliminating the infestation of zombies. Make sure the Zombies are truly dead, because several can re-spawn. Once your team enlists, Our Zombie Strike Force will equip you with new weapons where you will prepare to storm the brewery and eliminate the infestation throughout the brewery. You must show up at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time if you make a prior reservation to ensure a proper start time. Your entire team must be assembled or your squadron will move to the back on the reservation line or you can choose to leave a team member behind. If you do not make a reservation by purchasing a time slot on the ticket page, you can purchase admission for 10 tickets on site and wait in line to fill in with other teams of less than 10. Confirmed time slots, season pass holders and VIPs take preference and we have limited slots available each night. We can not guarantee the entire line will get to participate as it is first come first serve.¬† 12 tickets ($30)

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