Zombie Paintball



The ZET (Zombie Eradication Team) is on high alert due to an outbreak of zombies on the Northside of Jacksonville. Exact location is unknown but the zombies have been heard moaning “beer, beer” instead of “brains, brains”.

Your help is needed in this eradication. On Friday and Saturday Nights between September 29th and October 30th, you will have the chance to sit down at one of our mounted guns, take aim and fire away at our zombie horde eliminating as many as you can. Attraction cost is 3 tickets ($7) per 50 tracer rounds and can be purchased on site. These rounds have been designed in a lab at the Center for Disease Control and are filled with an experimental liquid neurotoxin designed to infect the zombies and eradicate the horde.


Do I need to bring my own weapons?

No, weapons will be supplied

Will the Zombies shoot back?

No! There will be dead zombies walking around to target, but they won’t have weapons.